Mechadroids – Round 10

Round 9 is finally over, and it’s been quite a long one this time (plus an extra couple of unplanned hours).  Congratulations are in order for Fluffball for coming first with quite a lead, with rambo taking second place and superdroid close behind!

As always, you can check out the winners for this round, and past rounds, by visiting the Hall of Champions.

Round 10 is commencing immediately, so get in there and start making more scrap metal!

Mechadroids – Round 9

Round 8 is officially over and congratulations goes to Zurg for overcoming Smeghead to win this round. Well done to Smeghead and tibi2012best for coming in second and third.

You can check out all the previous rounds champions, and defeated piles of metal, by visiting the Hall of Champions.

Round 9 starts now, good luck everyone! You know the drill… time for action!

Mechadroids – Round 8

Round 7 is officially over and congratulations goes to Smeghead for winning another round! Well done to Zurg and Roboboy for taking second and third place again.

You can check out all the previous rounds champions, and defeated piles of metal, by visiting the Hall of Champions.

Round 8 starts now, good luck everyone! May the best Mechadroid win.

Mechadroids – Round 7

Round 6 is officially over and congratulations goes to Smeghead for winning this round. Well done to Zurg and Roboboy for taking second and third place.

You can check out all the previous rounds champions, and defeated piles of metal, by visiting the Hall of Champions.

Round 7 starts now, good luck everyone!

Mechadroids – Round 6

Round 5 is officially over and congratulations goes to Timothy for winning this round. Well done to Smeghead and Fluffball for coming in close behind. Good luck on the new round!

Community Game: ‘Freedom’ Teaser Released

So, we finally got around to wrapping up the hard work we did over the community game fortnight. It was a great two weeks but we were a little optimistic with our time frame, especially since we had to make all the art ourselves! Most of the game systems are created so we’ll return to it soon to finish it off (the story is pretty good and we’re eager to share it with you).

The game is called ‘Freedom’ and it was create using votes to make a post-apocalyptic cyberpunk puzzle RPG about self-sacrifice. It’s pretty short but we hope you enjoy it.

Special thanks goes to Christopher Baklid (Inveracity) from our community who wrote the amazing soundtrack!

You can check out the teaser for ‘Freedom’ here!

Mechadroids Round 5, Fight!

Round 4 is officially over and congratulations goes to NeverLupus as he continues his dominance over the Mechadroids’ leaderboard for a second win in a row!  Nicely done! Well done to Titan and Timothy for coming in close behind.

Also, a big thanks goes to out to everyone who participated in Round 4.  We’re slowly building up a larger active player base, which is great news.  Mechadroids is designed around player versus player combat so the more players we have, the more fun Mechadroids will be. This, in turn, will attract more players!

That being said, we’ve been extremely busy behind the scenes here at Deadworld Studios and have had little time to work on Mechadroids apart from minor bug fixes.  So, unfortunately, we’ll be kicking off Round 5 with no additional features. That doesn’t mean we don’t have anything new planned for future releases… and we definitely have some big plans!

We are also in the process of working on a Facebook (and potentially Google+) version of Mechadroids so you can play on your computer when you’re at home (or work) and then continue the fight when you’re out and about with the Android version.  We’ll keep you posted on its progress.

So, without further ado, let Round 5 commence!

Available for Android on Google Play

Deadworld Community Game

Greetings, shall we make a game?

This event is something we decided to put together during the small down time we have between Mechadroids updates to add a little variety to our lives and have some fun. What we are going to do is develop a small game, over a couple weeks, based on the community’s specifications.

So… what do you do? In our forum we have a few choices that you can vote on. The choices are separated out into different areas of a game such as ‘genre’, ‘story’ and ‘graphics’ for instance. Once enough people have voted we will accept the top choices in each area and take two weeks to make a game based off it. We fully expect the game to be a little mad but that’s part of the fun, right?

So, sign up for a forum account if you don’t have one and vote away!

Mechadroids Round 4 and Update 1.2.0

With Round 4 starting (Update 1.2.0) we release our largest Mechadroids update! Along with all the great new features we mentioned in the previous blog post we’ve made one or two tweaks and bug fixes.

Congratulations to ‘NeverLupus’ who has been duking it out from Round 1 to win a round, narrowly missing out each time. This time he has emerged victorious from the wreckage! Special mention to ‘WiredDroid2’ and ‘saq’ for being close behind.

So… what’s next? We’ll be working on a web version of the game for Facebook and Google+, along with more features for the Android version. It’s still early days but expect to hear more information about that in the coming weeks.

That said… enjoy Round 4!

Here is the full changelog…

Round 4 Info: New Mechadroids and New Features!

Round 4 starts tomorrow and we’ve been working really hard to bring some awesome features into Mechadroids!

Two Premium Mechadroids: Ninja vs Pirate!

Round 4 - Mechadroids Preview

We’re introducing two new Mechadroids to the store! The Ninja, a covert agent of unorthodox warfare, and the Pirate, criminal scum of the world. When you purchase them in the Mechadroids store you’ll get a free rebuild and the full set of Mechadroid parts to remake yourself however you’d like!

New (Active) Battle System

You now have a choice of continuing to use the old battle system (now named ‘Passive Battle’) or using the new, more involved, Active Battle system. Using this new system you’ll have much more control over fighting. You’ll fight the battles turn by turn with a choice of four different attacks (normal, power, quick and scatter shot). You’ll be able to feel out your opponent’s weakness while fighting and exploit it ’till they are crying “Please…. No More!”.

Bounty System

Have that certain foe that keeps stealing all your credits? Have trouble beating them yourself? Put them up on the bounty board! You’ll be able to set credit and BP bounties on any player in the game. Any victory against a bountied player will give you some of the bounty and by people winning they will also steal credits off the bountied player so it’s a win/win situation… except for the bountied!

So that’s a taste of the new features coming tomorrow, not to mention the bug fixes and other smaller changes. See you at 8am UTC+1!

Interfacing with UI #4 – Coherent UI

February 5th, 2016

This is part of a series of posts revolving around user interface design and development, the introduction and links to the other posts can be found here. Last I wrote about user interfaces I discussed the new Unity UI system and I wrote about our process of porting from Daikon Forge to it. That was a year and a half ago and a lot has changed since then. To keep things interesting we decided to move from Unity UI (yet another move?!) to Coherent UI and I’ll explain why we did it. Why Move… Again?!... (read more)

@RogueVec: And so it begins! #RebootDevelop

19/04/2018 @ 8:05am UTC

@RogueVec: We'll be at @RebootDevelop this year. We can't wait! If you want to hang out just give us a shout! #RebootDevelop2018 #GameDev

16/04/2018 @ 12:06pm UTC

@SolitudeGame: Fullscreen terminals allow you to hook into your ship's guns for fine control! Moddable gun modules, terminals and UI! #GameDev

8/12/2017 @ 4:58pm UTC

@CWolf: Woo! And, now we have a cross-compiled (nix --> win64) @SolitudeGame server in our build and deploy pipeline #RV #GameDev

28/11/2017 @ 3:39pm UTC

@CWolf: CI love #GameDev #RV

21/11/2017 @ 4:06pm UTC