Merry Christmas from DWS

Hi everyone,

It has been a long but exciting year for us. A year that has seen the formation of Deadworld Studios, the eventual alpha release of Root Access and now we’re starting to get into our stride. We really want to say thank you to our community for their support and what better way to say that than with a picture of our very own bot ‘Halcyon’!

Merry Christmas everyone! We look forward to making this new year even better!

RA Alpha Build 230 Released

We’ve just released build 230 to the community and invited a couple of new alpha testers! As per usual we’ve introduced some new features, changed some underlying code and fixed bugs!

The full change log for release 230 is below,

New Features (Root Access):

    – New program: Monitor (Responsible for generating logs on servers, including your own!)
    – Implemented ‘Real Name’ in the profile
    – Right-click delete menu for the inbox messages
    – Keyboard support for the dialer
    – Improved the default skin

Changes (Root Access):

    – Netcode has been rewritten from XML to Java Object Serialisation

Bugs Fixed (Root Access):

    #21 – Inbox ‘delete’ button does not work
    #22 – Inbox messages do not retain ‘read’ status
    #31 – Sound: Cracking sound effect is not timed correctly to cracking
    #35 – Program info displays only once
    #37 – Switching to ‘Log’ viewer mode is not intuitive
    #44 – Null Pointer Exception upon disconnect before fully logged in (Fixed in build 213)
    #57 – Missions Seem to Auto-Complete (Fixed in build 213)
    #61 – Out of memory on Server
    #65 – File Deletion of Another Player’s Files Does Not Update His Local File Store
    #66 – Music volume changing on new track
    #67 – Players can connect to logged off clients
    #68 – Inbox messages are displayed in the wrong ordert

RA Alpha Build 213 Released

Hey everyone,

We’ve just released build 213 to all the current players and we have just invited some more applicants to become alpha testers! In this release we fixed 20 reported bugs, changed how some underlying code worked in regards to our data model and added five new steal missions, along with a few other minor changes.

As before please give the game a try and let us know about any bugs you find using the in-game report system or the website report system. Also, why not discuss Root Access in our forums?

The full changelog is below,

New Features (Root Access):

    – Server persistence
    – Five new steal missions
    – Tutorial introduction to the ‘Downloader’ program
    – Players now have a ‘handle’ and an in-game ‘real name’
    – Placeholder for in-game ‘real name’ added to profile

Bugs Fixed (Root Access):

    #08 – No server status displayed when server is offline
    #11 – Profile displays incorrect ‘number of program’
    #17 – In-game browser refresh bug
    #19 – Login box appears when first viewing local files
    #20 – ‘Options’ cancel button does not work
    #23 – Inbox ‘open’ button does not work
    #24 – Unable to ‘download’ file in steal mission
    #26 – On login user does not get their programs back
    #27 – On login user does not have their downloads
    #30 – Music volume slider inaccurate
    #32 – Deleting a local file clears the UI of remaining files
    #34 – Music restarts playing on login even if it is turned off
    #36 – Null pointer exception & deleting local file makes login prompt appear
    #46 – Login box states ‘Username’ when infact it should be ‘Email’
    #48 – Unable to attach files after steal mission
    #51 – UI retains connection after logoff / login
    #52 – Downloaded files overwrite each other
    #53 – Accepting missions selects the wrong mission
    #58 – Profile statistics not loaded on reconnect

Bugs Fixed (Updater):

    #43 – First load of game plays no music or sound

Root Access Alpha Released!

Today we released the Root Access alpha to our first wave of testers. Over the coming months we will aim for a new update every two weeks that will introduce new features, changes and bug fixes. With each update we will be accepting more players into the alpha so if you haven’t received an invite don’t worry!

Why not discuss Root Access at our forums?

Root Access Alpha Release Date

Finally, what you’ve all been waiting for!

After many months of hard work we are pleased to announce the release date of the Root Access alpha. The preview release will become available on Wednesday 17th of November at 7pm GMT. Alpha keys will be sent to those who have signed up and been accepted along with instructions on how to download and access the game.

For all those accepted into the alpha please remember this is a very early release so there are bugs and missing features. We will be updating the game every few weeks with bug fixes and new features, so please be patient. Also remember that you are testing the game and as such we require your feedback on any issues you encounter.

If you haven’t been selected for the alpha don’t worry as we’ll be sending out another wave of invitations soon. If you haven’t signed up yet then what are you waiting for? Head on over to the Root Access Website and sign up now!

I am the Alpha…

First of all hello to those of you who are new here as well as those of you who have been with us for a while. It’s been a few months since our last update and we’ve all been hard at work involving all things Deadworld. Things are moving well and we would like to officially announce that we will begin official alpha testing… soon.

The coding monkeys have been released from their cages for the day in celebration of the announcement but we’ll have them all rounded up and back to work soon. In the meantime head over to and fill in your details to register your interest. When we’re ready to begin we’ll send out alpha keys to a limited number of users and, if all progresses as planned, we’ll be sending out more alpha keys on a regular basis until we’re ready to move onto the next stage.

As an alpha tester you obviously get a taste of what’s to come, though bare in mind things are still at an early stage, there are still bugs that need squashing and lots is likely to change – hopefully with the benefit of your feedback to help us identify all the problems and provide some useful insight.

Thanks for being patient with us and we hope to see you in the alpha.

The Deadworld Studios Team

Welcome to Deadworld!

Welcome to the new virtual home of Deadworld Studios; a place for all of you interested in following our work.

The aim of the site is two fold, as well as obviously letting you know when we have things available for you (such as games or other media) we also want to keep you aware of the development process.

The navigation should be fairly self explanatory but of particular note is the forum where you can keep in touch and get involved and the development blogs where we will be making posts to let you know what’s going on behind the scenes in the world of Deadworld. Also if you haven’t noticed at the bottom of the page you’re more than welcome to follow us on Twitter and/or Facebook.

So, we’ll leave it at that for now, but if you want to know more by all means have a wander around the site or drop into the forums and ask us whatever you want.

Interfacing with UI #4 – Coherent UI

February 5th, 2016

This is part of a series of posts revolving around user interface design and development, the introduction and links to the other posts can be found here. Last I wrote about user interfaces I discussed the new Unity UI system and I wrote about our process of porting from Daikon Forge to it. That was a year and a half ago and a lot has changed since then. To keep things interesting we decided to move from Unity UI (yet another move?!) to Coherent UI and I’ll explain why we did it. Why Move… Again?!... (read more)

@SolitudeGame: Status update: Fuel reserves low. Asteroid mining facility detected on sensors. No response to our communications. On approach station appears to be abandoned and running on emergency power only. Away mission approved. Mission objective: Search and salvage - fuel is a priority.

23/03/2022 @ 11:00am UTC

@RogueVec: And so it begins! #RebootDevelop

19/04/2018 @ 8:05am UTC

@RogueVec: We'll be at @RebootDevelop this year. We can't wait! If you want to hang out just give us a shout! #RebootDevelop2018 #GameDev

16/04/2018 @ 12:06pm UTC

@SolitudeGame: Fullscreen terminals allow you to hook into your ship's guns for fine control! Moddable gun modules, terminals and UI! #GameDev

8/12/2017 @ 4:58pm UTC

@CWolf: Woo! And, now we have a cross-compiled (nix --> win64) @SolitudeGame server in our build and deploy pipeline #RV #GameDev

28/11/2017 @ 3:39pm UTC