RA Alpha Build 213 Released

Hey everyone,

We’ve just released build 213 to all the current players and we have just invited some more applicants to become alpha testers! In this release we fixed 20 reported bugs, changed how some underlying code worked in regards to our data model and added five new steal missions, along with a few other minor changes.

As before please give the game a try and let us know about any bugs you find using the in-game report system or the website report system. Also, why not discuss Root Access in our forums?

The full changelog is below,

New Features (Root Access):

    – Server persistence
    – Five new steal missions
    – Tutorial introduction to the ‘Downloader’ program
    – Players now have a ‘handle’ and an in-game ‘real name’
    – Placeholder for in-game ‘real name’ added to profile

Bugs Fixed (Root Access):

    #08 – No server status displayed when server is offline
    #11 – Profile displays incorrect ‘number of program’
    #17 – In-game browser refresh bug
    #19 – Login box appears when first viewing local files
    #20 – ‘Options’ cancel button does not work
    #23 – Inbox ‘open’ button does not work
    #24 – Unable to ‘download’ file in steal mission
    #26 – On login user does not get their programs back
    #27 – On login user does not have their downloads
    #30 – Music volume slider inaccurate
    #32 – Deleting a local file clears the UI of remaining files
    #34 – Music restarts playing on login even if it is turned off
    #36 – Null pointer exception & deleting local file makes login prompt appear
    #46 – Login box states ‘Username’ when infact it should be ‘Email’
    #48 – Unable to attach files after steal mission
    #51 – UI retains connection after logoff / login
    #52 – Downloaded files overwrite each other
    #53 – Accepting missions selects the wrong mission
    #58 – Profile statistics not loaded on reconnect

Bugs Fixed (Updater):

    #43 – First load of game plays no music or sound

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