Heads Down Working Hard

This past month has been crazy in terms of development. Our contract artist has produced some excellent art that I’ve been concentrating on getting into Mechadroids. All the main features of the game are now in place so I’m wrapping up the loose ends. After that we’ll be ready for our next alpha release. Seeing how that goes we’ll then release it out onto Google Play (Android’s Market) as a beta!

We should have some exciting news to share in a few weeks time so I’m really looking forward to sharing more news soon! Ok… time for me to get back to work!

Mechadroids Update 0.3.0

What madness is this? Two Mechadroid releases within half a year of each other and four weeks none the less?! That’s right! Here is Mechadroids release 0.3.0!

A few exciting things have happened in the past three weeks. Our community member Inveracity has been very busy creating us a Mechadroid launch video for the previous version 0.2.0 and a full length Mechadroids theme tune! Our community is growing and we’re making good progress.

So, what have we thrown together for this release? A few exciting things. Firstly we have tweaked the balance of the game so try it out and see how it has changed. We have also added a contact system for friends and foes. You can now add players as a friend or foe using a long click anywhere you see a player name. This allows you to track how well you’re doing against your friends and allow you to attack people anywhere you see a name! In addition to this the detailed battle has new messages that are unique to each weapon and shield. It gives you important information regarding your foe’s armour weak points. Next time you fight it might be worth checking them out to get the upper hand in a fight!

Here is the full changelog…


Ludum Dare Mini (Jan 20th – 22nd 2012)

Last week I decided to enter the upcoming (and my first) Ludum Dare Mini! This is my first Ludum Dare event ever so I’m starting to get a little nervous with the lead up to it. For those of you who don’t know what a Ludum Dare event is here is an extract from their site…

“Ludum Dare is a regular accelerated game development Event. Participants develop games from scratch in a weekend, based on a theme suggested by community.”

So for the usual LD event it lasts over 48 hours and the next mini event is this coming weekend (21st – 22nd of Jan). The main difference between the LD minis and LD main event is this that the rules are a little more relaxed in regards to release of source code, timeframe and declaring tools/frameworks/reuse of code for minis. I think this will be ideal practice for the main LD event in April I intend to enter.

So… this LD mini’s theme is fear! I’ve decided to make more a psychological game based around fear – use of music and dark will be pretty important. I’m drawing pretty heavy inspiration from games in the Silent Hill series. I’ve decided to use Slick2D with my own framework built on top of it since it provides a nice graphical game support for the crucial visual experience of my idea.

Since the 48 hours is flexible I’ve decided I’m going to start mine at 7pm UTC+1 on the Friday 20th of Jan and finishing at 7pm UTC+1 on the Sunday 22nd of Jan. I will be live streaming the entire event (except when I’m sleeping) at my live stream site of http://twitch.tv/cwolfs so feel free to drop by and wish me luck! Also feel free to jump into our IRC channel at irc.globalgamers.net #deadworld to show support / ask questions. I’ll probably be more responsive there than on the live stream chat.

Why am I doing this? Practice to be a better programmer in some aspects, learn more, the experience, to be able to say I’ve done one and… why not? Wish me luck and I’ll see you on the stream (or IRC earlier!).

Interfacing with UI #4 – Coherent UI

February 5th, 2016

This is part of a series of posts revolving around user interface design and development, the introduction and links to the other posts can be found here. Last I wrote about user interfaces I discussed the new Unity UI system and I wrote about our process of porting from Daikon Forge to it. That was a year and a half ago and a lot has changed since then. To keep things interesting we decided to move from Unity UI (yet another move?!) to Coherent UI and I’ll explain why we did it. Why Move… Again?!... (read more)

@SolitudeGame: Status update: Fuel reserves low. Asteroid mining facility detected on sensors. No response to our communications. On approach station appears to be abandoned and running on emergency power only. Away mission approved. Mission objective: Search and salvage - fuel is a priority.

23/03/2022 @ 11:00am UTC

@RogueVec: And so it begins! #RebootDevelop

19/04/2018 @ 8:05am UTC

@RogueVec: We'll be at @RebootDevelop this year. We can't wait! If you want to hang out just give us a shout! #RebootDevelop2018 #GameDev

16/04/2018 @ 12:06pm UTC

@SolitudeGame: Fullscreen terminals allow you to hook into your ship's guns for fine control! Moddable gun modules, terminals and UI! https://t.co/B5N01jrA70 #GameDev

8/12/2017 @ 4:58pm UTC

@CWolf: Woo! And, now we have a cross-compiled (nix --> win64) @SolitudeGame server in our build and deploy pipeline #RV #GameDev

28/11/2017 @ 3:39pm UTC