Mechadroids Update 0.4.0

After a few busy weeks of Ludum Dare, conferences, gaming nights and a successful world record attempt we still had time to continue working on Mechadroids so here is version 0.4.0!

One of the major new features is the much requested zero player activities. We’ve implemented this in the form of ‘The Hub’ where you visit the nearby city to complete one of four activities described in the changelog. We hope this introduces various ways for Mechadroids to help themselves out of ruts in the game and to successfully beat their foes!

We hope you guys enjoy this version. We’re getting close to the Android Market release!

Here is the full changelog…

New Features:
– Notifications now are displayed to the player on first load of Mechadroids
– Training League – Any Mechadroid above level 5 cannot attack a Mechadroid at level 5 or below
– ‘The Hub’ area added containing four activities that can be set to give you buffs / money
Tune up – Takes 24 hours to complete then gives you a bonus to one of your main attributes for 24 hours
Gambling – Takes 24 hours to complete then gives you money based off your level
Sabotage – Takes 24 hours for you to sabotage Mechadroid supplies. You get 12 hours of bonus to Mechadroid armour penetration
Overclock – Takes 24 hours to complete then gives you a bonus to your shield or weapon for 24 hours

– Added different event icons for ‘Attack Lost’ and ‘Defence Lost’ to help identify the events for faster reading
– Changed how many credits gained from opponents who are a lower level
– DWS news area renamed to ‘Mechadroids News’
– Mechadroids news area loads a lot faster
– ‘Upgrade’ button moved from ‘Overview’ area to the ‘Techlab’ area
– When you first encounter your new level you are prompted to level up – if you don’t you can level up via the techlab
– All areas that contain lists (Events, Attack, Scoreboards) are a lot faster now

Bugs Fixed:
– When attacking from the ‘Events’ list, on return from the fight the events are duplicated
– Selection index problems with the leader and player board (adding wrong friend/foe, attacking wrong Mechadroid) in certain situations
– Crash when overview response takes too long and a user selects ‘Attack’
– Player rank is calculated incorrectly when the player is greater than rank/position 10

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