Why, Hello There!

Hi, I’m Zeis and – as much as it saddens me – the replacement for Pringle. I will be the token-German on the Team and ‘support’ CWolf and Jargon with my crazy bullshit ideas as well as graphics I’ll more than likely pull out of my arse.

But let’s start at the beginning, shall we? Like I already said, everyone calls me Zeis (don’t ask, long story) and I’m a 21 year old graphics designer/voice actor/show host/VFX artist/web designer/videogame journalist/YouTube Vlogger/you name it. I was born and raised in Munich, Germany and am still living here.

I’ve been playing and watching people play videogames pretty much all my life, which brought me into competitive e-sports, namely Counter-Strike 1.6, which I played for almost 6 years straight with the intention of becoming pro. I dropped that dream though – I was playing 8 hours a day after school which was just plain exhausting and not worth it. I moved on, thinking that ‘Game Designer’ might be my next big dream. The ‘Games Academy’ was too expensive at the time and once again, I had to drop the dream like Michael Jackson would’ve dropped a 18 year old boy. This dream however couldn’t get out of my head.

And so I was thinking hard of ways to get into the games industry. Then it struck me like the look of two gay men making out strikes a hardcore christian; I shall become a videogame journalist! And so I did, founding a blog, getting friends to write with me and constantly putting out articles and reviews until I had about 20.000 readers a month. To speed things in this story up, here’s a list of shit I did:

  • Founded TheGamersBlog
  • Founded TheGamersMagazine
  • Merged with GamersUnity
  • Studied Show-Hosting and Voice-Acting
  • Got into PR, working for HTC, MSI and Namco Bandai Europe
  • Got into show-hosting at Game-TV, a German broadcaster specialised in Gaming
  • Co-Founded Krautgaming

And then there was a long period of time in which absolutely nothing happened.

So now I’m joining Deadworld Studios and am slapping my graphics/UI designs as well as my ideas into the faces of those two magnificent bastards.

TL;DR: I’m Zeis. Graphics Design. 7+ years of experience in the gaming industry.

Phillip “Zeis” Lentz

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