Integrate This!

Over the past week I’ve been working pretty hard on getting Hudson, our continuous integration software, integrated with all the tools and code we have.  It’s been a little bit of an up hill struggle and a steep learning curve in some areas but all in all things seem to be going well.

So far we’ve integrated Bugzilla (Bug tracking), SVN (Code Repository), TestNG with the ReportNG addon (Unit Testing), ANT (Build Tool) and Java compiling / Javadoc (Documentation) into Hudson.  These are very important tools to us and we will be adding more useful things to Hudson over the coming weeks.  The initial effort to integrated all your tools may seem expensive in regards to time but once things are together it provides a very seamless way of working (not to mention the satisfying feeling!). When we commit our code we know it’s going to be bombarded by the unit tests and recording code coverage metrics along with static byte code analysis, to pick up common coding issues, for our use to ensure we can provide the best games we can.  It’ll refine our way of working and ultimately speed our development up.

All in all I’d say these are exciting times!

Interfacing with UI #4 – Coherent UI

February 5th, 2016

This is part of a series of posts revolving around user interface design and development, the introduction and links to the other posts can be found here. Last I wrote about user interfaces I discussed the new Unity UI system and I wrote about our process of porting from Daikon Forge to it. That was a year and a half ago and a lot has changed since then. To keep things interesting we decided to move from Unity UI (yet another move?!) to Coherent UI and I’ll explain why we did it. Why Move… Again?!... (read more)

@RogueVec: And so it begins! #RebootDevelop

19/04/2018 @ 8:05am UTC

@RogueVec: We'll be at @RebootDevelop this year. We can't wait! If you want to hang out just give us a shout! #RebootDevelop2018 #GameDev

16/04/2018 @ 12:06pm UTC

@SolitudeGame: Fullscreen terminals allow you to hook into your ship's guns for fine control! Moddable gun modules, terminals and UI! #GameDev

8/12/2017 @ 4:58pm UTC

@CWolf: Woo! And, now we have a cross-compiled (nix --> win64) @SolitudeGame server in our build and deploy pipeline #RV #GameDev

28/11/2017 @ 3:39pm UTC

@CWolf: CI love #GameDev #RV

21/11/2017 @ 4:06pm UTC