Mechadroids Update 0.5.0

We have a big update for you today! Mechadroids 0.5.0 has just been released!

We’re very proud to show off all the new artwork. The game has been brought to life with the style shining through. This is the last major release before we launch Mechadroids onto Google Play. Starting today we enter a month of rapid balance testing and so we need your support now more than ever.

For the next three to four weeks we’ll be running Mechadroids for week long rounds and then changing the balance to see how well the game plays out. During this time we’ll also fix any obvious bugs, show stoppers and quick wins.

We’re almost at the major milestone so wish us luck and we hope you enjoy the release!

Here is the full changelog…

New Features:
– Custom Mechadroid creation with three Mechadroid types to choose from!
– Implemented ‘Fragments’ for buying premium content items
– Premium content store added for buying premium items
– ‘Coolant’ in-app purchase item to reduce heat
– ‘No Adverts’ in-app purchase item to remove in-game adverts
– Encrypted communication between client and server

– Most of the art in the game has been updated (lots of changes!)
– Overview displays your custom Mechadroid
– Battle overview now displays your Mechadroid and your opponents Mechadroid
– Changed the ‘Help’ to ‘Tutorial’ that contains an easy to follow guide
– Mechadroids launcher icon has been updated
– Added icons for credits and fragments to replace the words ‘credits’ and ‘fragments’
– Changed the layout of the Overview’s attributes
– Added the coolant activation button to the Overview

Bugs Fixed:
– Crash when a new user tries to log in
– The Hub shows ‘Unknown’ result on the first ever load and before selecting any activities
– Selection zones of ‘The Hub’ were not working for some phone resolutions

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