Mechadroids Round 2 & Update 1.0.1

Congratulations to the Mechadroids Hall of Famers from round 1! It was a tough round for some people and some vicious fighting took place for those highly coveted positions! The hall of famers will be remembered on the Mechadroids site long after the last Mechadroid has fallen into a crumpled cardboard pile.

That said, onto round 2 and update 1.0.1. The focus of this update is to fix bugs, tweak balance and introduce a few small changes into the game. The exciting new features will come in Round 3 (update 1.1.0).

So, stable that arm back on since it’s round 2… fight!

Here is the full changelog…

New Features:
– ‘Mechadroids News’ now has click-able links (URLs)
– New area ‘Hall of Champions’ has been added to the website, which shows all previous rounds’ winners

– 10% bonus XP for ‘player vs. player’ combat (PvP)
– XP bonus for defeating higher level Mechadroids (based on level difference)
– Reduced coolant BP cost from 150 to 80
– Increased weapon and shield prices
– Bot weapons and shields balance tweaked
– Battle calculations now take into account ‘real level’ instead of ignoring pending levels
– Hall of Fame on the website has been renamed to The Arena and shows all player Mechadroids now

Bugs Fixed:
– Server API error when creating Mechadroid
– Fixed a bug relating to the speed attribute
– Players are not awarded BP for attacking and winning against players more than 5 levels above them
– Rebuild sometimes sent the wrong customisation to the server
– Fixed various server errors and warnings
– Player’s rank / player rank starting at 0
– ‘Recent events’ showing duplicate reports when attacking Mechadroids from it
– Adding a friend or foe clears ‘The Boards’
– Adding a friend or foe, who the player has not seen, will crash Mechadroids
– Fixed various crashes

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