Almost There…

So, we’ve been working on Root Access for quite a while now and it’s getting pretty close to an alpha release.  Just got a few more things to take care of first with the game and then get an installer/updater developed to go with it.

For those of you who don’t know what Root Access is, it is Deadworld Studios’ first title that will be officially released.  The game takes a lot of inspiration from Introversion Software’s Uplink, a pseudo-hacking game, which is extremely fun and highly addictive.  The only flaw with this game is that it is only single-player and Introversion Software have mentioned that they’re only interested in innovative and unique games and as a result will not develop an Uplink 2 or an Online Uplink game.  Introversion Software aren’t the only game development company that have developed a hacking game which does not include multi-player and from our point of view, this is a significant oversight as the nature of hacking does usually involve a human target.

Therefore, Root Access is an MMO pseudo-hacking game where players are pitched against computer players as well as each other.  We’re hoping the human versus human aspect of Root Access will give the game a whole new layer of strategy that is missing from all other single-player pseudo-hacking games.

For more information on what Root Access is all about and how it will play, please check out the Root Access project page.

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