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Interfacing with UI #1 - Structure and Libraries

April 23rd, 2014

This is part of a series of posts revolving around user interface design and development, the introduction and links to the other posts can be found here. During the development of our current game I’ve been tackling the user interface. This post outlines some issues involved with creating a pixel perfect scalable user interface that also handles the different aspect ratios whilst maintaining a consistent look and feel. (A bit of a mouthful, right?). Some of the article will be specific to Unity as thi... (read more)

We've just posted the start of a new #GameDev blog series about user interfaces. Structure and libraries for today http://t.co/Sn94Wj3rpx

23/04/2014 @ 11:04am UTC

RT @CWolf: Played with augmented reality and Unity tonight. Fun stuff #gamedev #rv

21/04/2014 @ 9:46pm UTC

We've just posted up the next part of our #GameDev netcode blog series. This time it's threading and concurrency! http://t.co/JMBbTN5ntK

9/04/2014 @ 3:47pm UTC

RT @CWolf: Localisation is now in! Support for all our foreign friends =). #gamedev #rv

3/04/2014 @ 11:09am UTC

RT @CWolf: Now with the UI framework sorted, time to look into localisation! #gamedev #rv

1/04/2014 @ 1:05pm UTC