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Solitude at the Wales Games Development Show 2014

July 18th, 2014

It’s been a week since we exhibited our Solitude tech demo, which has given us a bit of time to unwind after 5 weeks of solid crunch. In that time we went from pretty much nothing, to a 2 player cooperative scenario that not only played well, but was also quite polished. Still, we had no idea what to expect until we got there. We managed to get the our booth set up in pretty good time but then ran into a few networking issues. Since our tech demo is multiplayer and we know from previous experience that... (read more)

RT @DaveCunnah: Just had an awesome time on the alpha test of @SolitudeGame! Turns out "If there's a button then push it" is poor advice. S…

23/07/2014 @ 5:45pm UTC

@nicollhunt Thanks =).

18/07/2014 @ 9:26am UTC

We exhibited Solitude at the Wales #GameDev Show 2014 last week. Find out how it went down - http://t.co/pdm6wuwvU8 http://t.co/ojjCPNBTAb

18/07/2014 @ 9:01am UTC

@RobbieRoo28 We think so! Now that we've premièred our tech demo at @walesgds we'll be releasing a lot more info on what we're working on :)

13/07/2014 @ 10:58am UTC

@GHarrisonSounds Going down the route of colourful space (similar to Freelancer) as opposed to dark and black space @SolitudeGame @walesgds

13/07/2014 @ 9:29am UTC