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The IOs of Game Netcode #2 - Threading and Concurrency

April 9th, 2014

This is part of a series of posts revolving around game netcode development, the introduction and links to the other posts can be found here.   In the last post of The IOs of Game Netcode (found here), I talked about a few general rules of thumb I usually follow when starting a new netcode framework. Over the next few posts I'm going to go a little deeper into the technical options available to us as netcode developers and what routes I take based on different scenarios. The first topic I'm going to... (read more)

We've just posted up the next part of our #GameDev netcode blog series. This time it's threading and concurrency! http://t.co/JMBbTN5ntK

9/04/2014 @ 3:47pm UTC

RT @CWolf: Localisation is now in! Support for all our foreign friends =). #gamedev #rv

3/04/2014 @ 11:09am UTC

RT @CWolf: Now with the UI framework sorted, time to look into localisation! #gamedev #rv

1/04/2014 @ 1:05pm UTC

RT @CWolf: Made some decent progress on the UI framework support over the past few days. Finally getting somewhere with it. #gamedev #rv

30/03/2014 @ 9:18pm UTC

RT @Jargon64: Good luck to @EruditeWolf and the rest of the @OpposableGames crew at @EGX_Rezzed, their @SalvagedGame looks great! Bristol r…

28/03/2014 @ 8:43am UTC