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Tech Demo Aftermath

August 20th, 2014

It’s been a month since our last post and we’ve been pretty busy so we haven’t had time to put together another one of our blog series’ posts. However, we will update you on what we’ve been up to recently. As mentioned in the previous blog post, the Wales Games Development Show went really well for us, leaving us on a bit of a high and raring to jump straight back into game dev. Still, we decided to take a step back and analyse why the tech demo went down so well. We know what we have planned for... (read more)

RT @CWolf: Finally! Fixed my mesh transform, rotation and right-hand-to-left-hand issues with the collada importer. Damn matrices are hard …

21/08/2014 @ 11:45am UTC

RT @Jargon64: Made lots of progress on the server-client mod synchronisation system. Today has been a good day! o/ #GameDev #RV http://t.c…

20/08/2014 @ 5:30pm UTC

@Mehustin Techdemo supports 2 players as it was used for a games conference. The game will officially support 8, but can be modded for more!

20/08/2014 @ 2:07pm UTC

It's been a while since our last blog post, find out what we've been up to recently. http://t.co/J5v8zIQIVT #GameDev http://t.co/8FjtUN4CLf

20/08/2014 @ 1:46pm UTC

RT @CWolf: Was working on my collada importer when something went very wrong. (Thanks for the music @ChrisBaklid) http://t.co/6ZifCetbbh #r

20/08/2014 @ 1:16pm UTC